2 strategies when you do not master the tools your team uses.

Sometimes you may be assigned as a project manager to a project that includes in its scope a technology that you know superficially or just do not know at all. What can you do? How can you be part of the project team, contribute positively and not be a blocker?

There is a parallel discussion that we could start about the deeply commented topic of the project manager and the level of technical knowledge she should have about the technologies used in the project. But this is something I want to let aside in this post and focus on the fact that ‘you have been assigned to the project’ for no matter what reason and you have to deal with it.

My basic strategy would be: in the short term focus on being a facilitator and trust the specialists. On the long run, if you are going to manage more projects of this kind in the future, improve your skills.

Focus yourself in being a facilitator.

You must understand what is your main role in the project and avoid doing something you are not prepared to do. Focus in helping the team work and in obtaining the best possible outcome of their efforts: remove obstacles, identify the causes of problems and help them finding the best solutions.

Improve your skills when the project situation allows it.

If you are going to face a similar situation in future projects or you are just like me, an insatiable seeker of knowledge that constantly looks for new tools for my toolbox, you can do a training on the techniques your team has been using in the project. The level of depth will depend on your interest and the kind of job you have to do.

What is your opinion? Do you face frequently this situation? How do you deal with it?

2 strategies when you do not master the tools your team uses.


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